What can school districts do to prevent rubber tire mulch from leaching paint, getting hot, exposing steel wire, and potential roadway toxins to kids young and old alike? Replace it with 100% virgin rubber mulch product Jelly Bean.

Jelly Bean CEO Nic Campesi, and co-writer Cathie Ericson, wrote a detailed investigative piece on the environmental hazards of rubber tire mulch, and what happened when two school districts replaced it with Jelly Bean.

Playground rubber mulch is a popular choice for homeowners, schools, churches, and daycares. It does matter what type you install, and you can learn from the mistakes of others to avoid dirty rubber tires on your playground. Instead consider virgin rubber mulch product Jelly bean. The Playground Professionals article provides much evidence to support this conclusion.

Read the entire article here by clicking HERE.

Rubber tire mulch is a serious concern to many for a variety of reasons. From toxicity in the product from the manufacturing process, to the potential to encounter roadway contaminants, to the issues one has removing the product, it’s something those installing a playground should seriously think about prior to purchase. 

Virgin Jelly Bean rubber mulch on the other hand is a non-toxic safety play surface. It doesn’t have any of the harmful red list chemicals that have been found in random samples of rubber tire mulch. Made from the excess of rubber safety tiles, Jelly Bean is a safe and reasonably priced alternative to dangerous rubber tire mulch or expensive pour-in-place rubber. Often cited as a “sweet spot” product, Jelly Bean fits just right for those that seek safety, wellbeing, and cost-effectiveness from their playground safety surface purchase. 

In the article you will find details from those on the ground level – literally. School matainance staff from several notable school districts are interviewed to provide context and information valuable to those considering putting down rubber tire mulch. 

Read the entire article here by clicking HERE.

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