Reveal Showcases Jelly Bean Playground Rubber Mulch


8 Passengers Ruby Franke and daughter spend time in their new backyard – where Jelly Bean rubber mulch was installed in their play area.

What’s a family full of YouTube celebrities to do when it comes to finding the best playground rubber mulch to suit their ultimate backyard renovation? Go with Jelly Bean, of course.

8 Passengers, one of the top family vlogs on YouTube with over 1.8 million subscribers, recently installed Jelly Bean rubber mulch as their choice safety surface for their gorgeous backyard renovation.

Why did the family choose Jelly Bean Rubber Mulch as their playground surface? 8 Passengers Dad Kevin puts it best, “so we did some research, and we found that Jelly Bean Rubber Mulch is really really good. It’s non-toxic, it’s not made from tires, and the color will never fade. The thing that we liked about it is that it has a really good safety rating and it’s ADA compliant.”

Ruby, 8 Passengers mom, had the best reaction of them all when she exclaimed she was so glad the family was not going with rocks as their safety play surface. Can you imagine the safety headaches of kids playing on a bed of rocks like gravel? 


A Growing Trend, Despite Fortnite 


Each year families across the country look at how they can spend more time outside without having to leave the house. In fact, it’s often a case of wanting to add an additional room to the house – outside. Enter the outdoor kitchen, outdoor dining area, outdoor play area, etc. Families are enjoying the outside more than ever thanks to these backyard trends.

Studies show there are substantial health benefits to outdoor play for parents and kids alike. Yet, technology like mobile phones loaded with cheap or free apps is keeping many tied up indoors, and no group is more susceptible to the trance that these devices offer than kids.

With the advent of mobile games such as Fortnite, parents are often left asking the question, what can I do to get my kids to stop playing Fornite each day? The idea of having a backyard playground logically arises for many families. It’s not too expensive, holds up many years thanks to sturdy construction and a solid warranty, and provides ample chance for physical and imaginative exercise.

Next Level Backyard Features 


Plunge Pool Kiawah Island, SC

Looking for more ideas to compliment your new playground? We’ve got you covered. What makes a great backyard renovation beyond the playground with a superior non-tire rubber mulch? Pieces that highlight and accentuate the space.

Maybe a custom plunge pool is a bit out of the budget? Fret not, there are many options that are as reasonably priced as they are practical. 

Arbor, pergola, gazebo are all popular choices in backyard renovations. Planters, potting bench or other gardening related items continue to be staples as well. Don’t forget the rocking chair, porch swing, gliders or bench for those sunny days and warm evenings. Outdoor rooms and kitchens are another staple of the backyard renovation. Picnic tables resting on porches and patios is as evergreen as the trees lining your backyard as a natural fence.

With so many options to choose from it is no wonder that backyard renovations are both a tried-and-true American pastime, as well as an trend that will continue to gain steam for many years to come.

Watch the 8 Passengers backyard reveal video on YouTube, and read more about the install on Business Wire.

About 8 Pass

Married 17 years with 6 kids, 8 Passengers is on a mission to show the world there is power and influence in motherhood. Things can get crazy with six active kids, but we can find true joy in the journey if we love and support each other. Visit 8 Passengers on YouTube at and on Instagram at to learn more.

About Jelly Bean

A perfect solution for nearly every playground surface need. Jelly Bean rubber mulch is much cleaner and safer than recycled tire mulch. It is more affordable than poured rubber, rubber tiles and synthetic turf, and carries a longer lifespan. Jelly Bean rubber mulch will save you money over natural mulch in the long run as it does not have to be replaced regularly. Jelly Bean will not rot, clog drains, cause allergies, or attract insects.

When it comes to playgrounds Jelly Bean is the leading safety surface on the market. The product is a non-tire non-toxic rubber mulch that’s made from the trimmings of safety tile. In other words, the surface won’t leech paint or have steel wire in it like rubber tire mulch. That’s why families like the Franke’s from 8 Passengers use Jelly Bean as their playground rubber mulch. Jelly Bean is the only rubber mulch that offers a best-in-class warranty on their product against degradation, so you can rest assured your financial investment in the product is as safe as the kids that play on it are.

Jelly Bean rubber mulch isn’t just for playgrounds. The safety surface is a top choice for the equine market and dog agility parks as well.

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