How do you make learning math fun? You make it interactive and applicable to the today’s growing tech culture in the elementary school classroom.

Students today are born with an iPad, iPhone or Android device in their hands. By the time they hit the elementary school classroom they’re fully versed in much of the tech world. Sometimes more so than their parents!

So what to do when it comes to math? Stick with the old way and hope trends change in learning? Probably not. The best thing to do is to embrace technology, and teach math via new tech-centered STEM kits.

We’ve put together a comprehensive list of 335+ STEM math-focused kits specifically made for the elementary school classroom. Take a look below.


Product NameProduct LinkPriceAge Range
Mango Math Elementary K-5 Camp$2,355.00Grades: K-5
Mango Math Sports And Math Kit$429.00Grades: 5-8
Mango Math Money Matters Kit$429.00Grades: 3-5
Mango Math K–2 Problem Solving Kit$429.00Grades: K-2
Mango Math Kindergarten Deluxe Math Kit$419.00Grades: Kindergarten
Mango Math 5th Grade Deluxe Math Kit$419.00Grades: 5-8
Mango Math 4th Grade Deluxe Math Kit$419.00Grades: 4
Mango Math 3rd Grade Deluxe Math Kit$419.00Grades: 3
Mango Math 2nd Grade Deluxe Math Kit$419.00Grades: 2
Mango Math 1st Grade Deluxe Math Kit$419.00Grades: 1
Learning Palette Math Resource Kit$339.99Grades: 1-5
Learning Wrap-Ups Math Resource Kit$279.99
Learning Wrap-Ups Pre-Algebra Class Kit Keys$229.99
Omnifix Cubes: Set Of 1000$124.99Grades: 3-12
Missing Money Mystery Resupply Kit$99.00Grades: 2-3
Mango Math K – 2 Problem Solving Packet$89.00Grades: K-2
Cuisenaire® Rods Multi-Pack: Plastic Rods$69.99Grades PreK+
Classroom Clock Kit$69.99Grades K+
Place Value Group Set$59.95Grades: 2-6
Mango Math Grades 2-8 Assessment Booklet$45.00Grades: 2-8
Foam Magnetic Base 10 Set$44.99Grades 1+
Singapore Math Bundle, Grades 1-2$42.29Grades: 1-2
Singapore Math Bundle, Grade 3$42.29Grade: 3
Primary Time Teacher™ 12-Hour Learning Clock®$39.99Ages 3+
Precision School Balance With Weights$39.99Grades 3 +
Power Polygons$39.99
Math Slam™$39.99Ages 5-9
Math Mat Challenge Game, Grades PreK+$39.99Grade: PreK +
Math Marks The Spot Game$39.99
Grades: Kindergarten +
Interlocking Base Ten: Starter Set$39.99Grades 1+
CenterSOLUTIONS For The Common Core: Math, Grade K$39.99Grade K
CenterSOLUTIONS For The Common Core: Math, Grade 2$39.99Grade 2
CenterSOLUTIONS For The Common Core: Math, Grade 1$39.99Grade 1
Penguins On Ice Math Activity Set$37.99
Grades: Kindergarten +
Real World Folding Geometric Shapes™, Set Of 8$36.99Grades: K+
Foam Magnetic Fraction Circles$34.99Grades 1+
Centimeter Cubes, Set Of 1000$34.99Ages 6+
Place Value Safari Game$26.95Grades: 2-5
Tri-FACTa Multiplication & Division Game$24.99Ages 8+
Tri-FACTa Addition & Subtraction Game$24.99Ages 8+
Multiplication Master Electronic Flash Card$24.99Grades 2+
Minute Math Electronic Flash Card$24.99Grades 1–3
Math Learning Games, Grade K$24.99Grades K
Math Learning Games, Grade 2$24.99Grade 2
Math Learning Games, Grade 1$24.99Grade 1
Math Balance$24.99Grades 3–6
Magnetic Time Activity Set$24.99Grades K+
Double-Sided Magnetic Money$29.99Grades K+
Double-Sided Magnetic Fraction Circles$29.99Grades 1+
Cooperative Math: Engaging Structures & Activities, Grades 3-5$29.00Grades 3-5
Magnetic Fraction Number Line$24.99Grades: 3-5
Hundreds Number Board$24.99Ages 5+
Common Core Collaborative Cards: Fractions$24.99Grades: 3-5
Common Core Collaborative Cards: Algebraic Thinking$24.99Grades: 3-5
Take It To Your Seat Centers: Math, Grade 4$23.99Grade 4
Take It To Your Seat Centers: Math, Grade 3$23.99Grade 3
Take It To Your Seat Centers: Common Core Math, Grade K$23.99Grade K
Take It To Your Seat Centers: Common Core Math, Grade 5$233.99Grade 5
Take It To Your Seat Centers: Common Core Math, Grade 2$23.99Grade 2
Core Standards For Math, Grade K$23.99Grade K
Core Standards For Math, Grade 5$23.99Grade 5
Core Standards For Math, Grade 4$23.99Grade 4
Core Standards For Math, Grade 3$23.99Grade 3
Core Standards For Math, Grade 2$23.99Grade 2
Core Standards For Math, Grade 1$23.99Grade 1
Math Noodlers, Grades 4-5$22.99Grades 4-5
Digit Detective, Grades 2+$22.99Grades 2+
Common Core Mathematics, Grade 5$22.49Grade 5
Common Core Mathematics, Grade 4$22.49Grade 4
Common Core Mathematics, Grade 3$22.49Grade 3
Common Core Mathematics, Grade 1$22.49Grade 1
Math Fluency Gr. 4$21.99Grade 4
Posing Open-Ended Questions In The Primary Classroom$21.95Grades: K-2
Nimble With Numbers, Grades 5-6$21.95Grades: 5-6
Montessori Shapes$21.95Grades: Pre K-K
Math Noodlers, Grades 2-3$21.95Grades 2-3
MATH FLUENCY GR 3$20.99Grade 3
MATH FLUENCY GR 2$20.99Grade 2
Unifix Ten Frames Train Set$19.99Grades: PreK-2
Ten-Row Abacus$19.99Ages 5+
Sum Swamp™ Addition & Subtraction Game$19.99Grades K+
Place Value Flip Stand$19.99Grades: 2-5
Pizza Fraction Fun™ Game$19.99Ages 6+
Fraction Tower® Cubes: Equivalency Set$19.99Grades 1+
Foam Magnetic Fraction Strips$19.99Grades K+
Sea Creature Counters, Set Of 84,-84$19.95Grades: PreK-1
Graphic Organizers Grades K-2$19.95Grades K-2
Graphic Organizers Grades 3-5$19.95Grades 3-5
Magnetic Equivalent Fractions$18.95Grades: 2-5
Weighted Numbers$17.99Ages 3+
Head Full Of Numbers Math Game$17.99Ages 7+
Wooden Color Cubes – 3/4″, Set Of 102$17.95Grades: K-3
Math Minutes, Grade 5$16.99Grade 5
Math Minutes, Grade 4$16.99Grade 4
Math Minutes, Grade 3$16.99Grade 3
Math Minutes, Grade 2$16.99Grade 2
Math Minutes, Grade 1$16.99Grade 1
Mastering Math Facts: Multiplication & Division, Grades 3-5$16.99Grades 3-5
Magnetic Percent Tiles$16.99Grades: 2-5
Magnetic Fraction Tiles$16.99Grades: 2-5
Magnetic Decimal Tiles$16.99Grades: 2-5
Magnetic Cuisenaire® Rods$16.99Grades K+
Fence It In Exploring Area & Perimeter$16.99Grades 2 and Up
Dice Activities For Multiplication$16.99Grades: 3-6
Dice Activities For Mathematical Thinking$16.99Grades: 5-8
Working With Two-Color Counters$16.95Grades: 5-8
Working With Pentominoes$16.95Grades: 4-8
Visual Math Dictionary$16.95Grades: 5+
Slide Abacus$16.95Grades: K-2
Pattern Block Sudoku$16.95Grades: 1-3
Pattern Block Book$16.95Grades: K-3
Geoboard, 25-Pin, Set Of 6$16.95Grades: 3-8
Dice Activities For Time And Money$16.95Grades: 1-3
Dice Activities For Subtraction$16.95Grades: 1-3
Dice Activities For Mathematical Thinking$16.95Grades: K-3
Dice Activities For Division$16.95Grades: 4-6
Morning Jumpstarts: Math, Grade 4$15.99Grade 4
Morning Jumpstarts: Math, Grade 1$15.99Grade 1
MathMagnets® Jumbo Multicolored Magnets$15.99Grades PreK+
Jumbo Polyhedral Dice – Set Of 7$15.99Grades 4 and up.
The Big Let’s Learn Math Book, Grades PreK-1$14.99Grades PreK-1
Mathematics With Unifix Cubes, Mathematics With Unifix Cubes, Grade K$14.95Grades: K
Mathematics With Unifix Cubes, Grade 2$14.95Grades: 2
Mathematics With Unifix Cubes, Grade 1$14.95Grades: 1
Magnetic Number Lines, Grades 2-4$14.95Grades 2-4
Magnetic Number Lines, Grades 1-2$14.95Grades 1-2
More Minute Math Drills: Multiplication & Division, Grades 3-6$13.99Grades 3-6
More Minute Math Drills: Addition & Subtraction, Grades 1-3$13.99Grades 1-3
Mathological Liar, Grade 5$13.99Grade 5
Mathological Liar, Grade 4$13.99Grade 4
Mathological Liar, Grade 3$13.99Grade 3
Math Drill Series: Subtraction Drills, Grades 1-3$11.99Grades 1-3
Drive-Thru Menu Math – Multiply & Divide Money, Grades 4-6$11.99Grades 4-6
Drive-Thru Menu Math – Beginning Money Skills, Grade 3$11.99Grade 3
Drive-Thru Menu Math – Add & Subtract Money, Grades 3-5$11.99Grades 3-5
Math Projects, Grades 5-8/Span>$9.99Grades 5-8
Jumpstarters For Math, Grades 4-8+$9.99Grades 4-8+
Mastering Tables$9.95Grades: 2-4
Jumbo Equivalence Dice, 10 Sided, Set Of 6$9.95Grades: 3-5
Hundreds Boards – Set Of 10$9.95Grades: 2-6
120 Number Boards$9.95Grades: K-3
Base Ten, Ten Rods – Set Of 50$9.95Grades: 2-6
Base Ten Hundred Flat – Set Of 10$9.95Grades: 2-6
Unifix Playing Cards$8.99Grades: K-3
Hands-On Math Ten Frame Trains$8.99Grades: K-4
Fractions With Tangrams$8.99Grades: 2-4
Visual Discrimination$8.95Grades: 2-12
Times Table Challenge$8.95Grades: 2-5
The Early Fraction Book, Grades 3-4$8.95Grades: 3-4
Multiplication Facts In 7 Days, Grades 3-5$8.95Grades: 3-5
Mathematics Today, Grades 4-5$8.95Grades: 4-5
Mathematics Today, Grades 2-3$8.95Grades: 2-3
Math Speed Tests, Grades 3-6$8.95Grades: 3-6
Math Skill Builders, Grade K$8.95Grades: K
Math Skill Builders, Grade 5$8.95Grade 5
Math Skill Builders, Grade 4$8.95Grade 4
Math Skill Builders, Grade 3$8.95Grade 3
Math Skill Builders, Grade 2$8.95Grade 2
Math Skill Builders, Grade 1$8.95Grade 1
Learning Lift-Off! Multiplication X6-9$8.95Grades: 3-4
Mathematics Puzzles, Grades 4-8+$7.99Grades 4-8+
Learn With Me: Numbers & Counting$7.99Age: 3+
Drive Thru Menu Math Extra Menus 6pk, Grade 3$7.99Grade 3
Skill Builders: Pre-Algebra, Grades 4-5$4.99Grades 4-5
Skill Builders: Multiplication And Division, Grades 4-5$4.99Grades 4-5
I Can Master Subtraction, Grades K-2$4.99Grades K-2
I Can Master Multiplication, Grades 3-4$4.99Grades 3-4
Magnetic Polydron Class Set 2-12
Measurement School Readiness Math Toolbox$42.953 years & up
Count and Compare School Readiness Math Toolbox$42.953 years & up
Jumping Jacks and Pattern Cards$28.953 years & up
Wooden Rulers$0.49 – $4.953 years & up
Primer Balance With Clear Buckets$21.953 years & up
Easy Grip Tweezers (set of 12)$13.953 years & up
Hot Dots® Silver Talking Pen$12.95 – $79.956 years & up
Teaching Cash Register$55.953 years & up
Dot Dice Set of 2$5.95PreK & up
Hands-On Math Base Blocks (111 Pieces)$7.95Grades K – 4
Rainbow Fraction® Tiles$12.956 years & up
Wooden Dominoes Jar (168 Pieces)$29.953 years & up
Math Whiz™ Electronic Game™$32.956 years & up
Addition Hot Dots® Flash Cards$10.95Grades 1 – 3
Subtraction Hot Dots® Flash Cards$10.95Grades 1 – 3
Mixed Bills – Set of 100$2.954 years & up
24 Game Variables$21.95Grades 4 & up
24 Game Double Digits$21.95Grades 4 & up
Multiplication Hot Dots® Flash Cards$10.95Grades 1 – 5
Pattern Blocks – 250 Pieces$21.953 years & up
Ten Frame Dominoes Game (28 Dominoes)$10.954 years & up
Plastic Geoboards – Set of 10$27.95Grades K – 3
Fraction Hot Dots® Flash Cards$10.95Grades 1 – 4
Mixed Coins – Set of 94$3.954 years & up
Plastic Geoboards – Set of 10$27.95Grades K – 3
Mixed Coins – Set of 94$3.954 years & up
Cuisenaire Jr. Ants on a Log™$19.95Grades PreK & up
Linking Cubes Jar – 150 Pieces$17.953 years & up
Pan Balance$31.953 years & up
Crocodile Hop™ Floor Game$42.953 years & up
Unifix® 1-10 Stair$7.95Grades K – 3
Tape Measure – 33 Feet/10 Meter$9.95Grades K & up
SumBlox Math Blocks$32.95 – $124.952 years & up
UltraFlex™ SAFE-T® 12″ Ruler$9.95Grades K & up
Jumbo Dot Dice (Set of 2)$6.954 years & up
Ten Frames Activity Set$31.95PreK & up
Make a Splash™ 120 Mat$29.95Grades K & up
Wooden Cubes Jar – 102 Pieces$27.953 years & up
Giant Magnetic Ten-Frame Set$19.95Grades K & up
Block by Block™$14.95Grades 2 & up
Classroom Measurement Kit$34.95Grades 1 – 6
Magnetic Calendar and Weather Set$52.953 years & up
Weighted Numbers$14.953 years & up
Shape Links Jar (500 Pieces)$27.953 years & up
Magnetic Ten Frame Answer Boards$29.95Grades K & up
Complete Money Kit$42.954 years & up
Number Bean Bags$29.95PreK & up
Jumbo Dice in Dice Set (Set of 12)$12.95Grades PreK & up
Time Tracker® Visual Timer and Clock$39.953 years & up
Sorting Trays$10.95 – $30.953 years & up
12 Original Mini Clocks$18.954 years & up
Base Ten Place Value Frame$8.95Grades K – 2
Dice in Dice Set (Set of 72)$19.95Grades PreK & up
Addition and Subtraction Unknown Quantities Flashcards$14.95Grades 1 – 3
Number Board 120$29.95Grade 1 & up
Write-On/Wipe-Off 120 Number Mats (Set of 10)$14.95Grades K & up
Write and Wipe Ten-Frame Mats$14.95Grades K – 2
Unifix® Graphing Base$9.95Grades K – 6
Three-Corner® Flash Cards (Multiplication and Division)$9.95Grades 3 – 5
Multiplication and Division Unknown Quantities Flashcards$14.95Grades 3 – 5
Pizza Fraction Fun™ Game$19.95Grades 1 & up
Interlocking Gram Unit Cubes – Set of 1000$39.956 years & up
Lemonade Shake Up! Cooperative Game$16.954 years & up
Magnetic Ten Frames (Set of 4)$16.95Pre-K & up
Hundreds Number Board$24.95Grades K – 2
Ten Frame Playing Cards$6.95Grade K & up
Large Geo Shapes – Set of 10$24.955 years & up
Standard Dice Bucket$33.95
Graduated Beakers$14.95Grades 1 & up
Money Bags™ Coin Value Game$19.95Grades 2 & up
Multiplication Master Electronic Flash Card™$24.957 years & up
Handheld Solar Calculator$5.95
Educational Keyboard Addition & Subtraction$19.953 years & up
24 Game Factors/Multiples$21.95Grades 3 & up
Giant Magnetic Number Bonds$24.95Grades K & up
Magnetic Addition Machine$24.95Grades PreK & up
Multi-Use Storage Pocket Chart$19.95
Write & Wipe Place Value Answer Boards (Set of 5)$19.95Grades 2 & up
Double-Sided Magnetic Fraction Circles$29.95Grades 1 & up
GeoBoard Activity Cards (Set of 12)$7.95Grades K & up
Ten-Frame Foam Dice$14.95Grades 3 & up
Super Sorting Set with Activity Cards$79.953 – 7 years
Educational Keyboard Multiplication$19.953 years & up
Primary Timers (Set of 6)$36.95Grades K – 3
Number Bonds Answer Boards$19.95Grades K & up
Minute Math Electronic Flash Card™$24.95Grades 1 & up
tri-FACTa™ Addition & Subtraction Game$24.95Grades 1 & up
tri-FACTa™ Multiplication & Division Game$24.95Grades 3 & up
Precision School Balance with Weights$39.95Grades 3 & up
Wooden Geometric Solids$18.95Grades 1 & up
Math alive® (PC/MAC)$995.00Grade PreK – Grade 3
Reusable Dry Erase Pockets (Set of 5)$12.95
Light Table Accessory Kit$62.953 years & up
Unifix® Cubes (100 count)$13.95PreK & up
STEM Builder Series Build an Animal$46.953 years & up
Natural Botanicals Pack$74.95
LEGO® DUPLO® Coding Express (45025)$209.95
Laser Maze Jr. Game$29.956 years & up
Little Scholar™ Tablet – Mini$189.95 – $1,842.953 – 7 years
Math Balance$19.95Grades 3 & up
Sequence Numbers Game$23.95Grades 2 & up
TipOver™ Game$19.95Grades 2 & up
KEVA® Contraptions 200 Plank Set$56.957 years & up
KEVA® Structures 200 Plank Set$56.957 years & up
KEVA® Contraptions 50 Plank Set$22.95Grades 2 & up
Fraction Formula™ Game$29.95Grades 3 & up
Magnetic Match Rings$16.953 years & up
Six Mighty Magnets$21.953 years & up
STEM Journals – Set of 10$21.953 years & up
Recycling Zone$34.953 years & up
Light Table Accessory Kit$62.953 years & up
Bee-Bot® Rechargeable Robot$79.95 – $474.953 years & up
Bee-Bot® Starter Pack$199.953 years & up
GeoSafari® Jr. Talking Microscope$54.954 years & up
STEM Builder Series Build an Animal$46.953 years & up
Simple Machines Set$49.95Grades 4 & up
K’NEX® Introduction to Simple Machines: Gears$43.95Grades 2 & up
Insect Life Cycle Game$34.953 years & up
Sink or Float STEM Activity Set$29.95Grades K & up
Science File Folder Games – Grades K-1$39.95Grades K – 1
Anatomy Models Set (4 Models)$94.95Grades 3 & up
ArchiTech Electronic Smart House$49.958 years & up
Snap Circuits® Motion Detector$25.958 years & up
Year Round Project-Based Activities for STEM$14.95Grades PreK – 3
STEM Activity Set Classroom Bundle$119.95Grades K & up
Simple Machines STEM Activity Set$29.95Grades K & up
Magnets STEM Activity Set$34.95Grades K & up
Force & Motion STEM Activity Set$29.95Grades K & up
Applying the Standards STEM Workbooks$7.95Grades K – 3
Elementary Science Classroom Starter Kit$399.95Grades 2 & up
STEM Books for Kindergarten – Set of 6$46.95Grade K
Simple STEAM: 50+ Science Technology Engineering Art Math Activities$24.95
STEM Exploration Table$649.954 years & up
STEM Builder Series Build a Waterway$42.953 years & up
STEM Books for Grades 1-2 (Set of 6)$31.95Grades 1 – 2
STEM Book Sets (Set of 6)$48.954 years & up
STEM Poster Set – Set of 12$18.95
52 Interactive STEM Ideas for Infants and Toddlers (5″ x 5″ Activity Cards)$16.95
52 STEM Family Engagement Ideas (5″ x 5″ Activity Cards)$15.95
Jurassic Adventure STEM Learning Kit$37.953 years & up
Animal Adventure STEM Learning Kit$37.953 years & up
When I Grow Up STEM Series Archaeologist$154.953 years & up
When I Grow Up STEM Series Civil Engineer$154.953 years & up
STEM Mobile Creativity Board$501.95
Wooden Block Balance$29.953 years & up
River Rocks – Set of 16$30.9518 months & up
STEM Play Mat$81.952 years & up
Waterworks Play Set for Twos$60.952 years & up
Ramptastic (4 1/2″H x 4 1/2″W x 12 1/2″L)$52.953 years & up
Classic ABC Blocks (Set of 100)$36.952 years & up
Outdoor Scale – 25 1/2″H x 31 1/2″W x 52″L$159.953 years & up
Magnetic Ladybugs$48.9512 months & up
Branch Blocks – 36 Pieces$49.953 years & up
Math Games – Math Big Book$5.00
STEM In The Preschool Classroom$30.00
TINY POLKA DOT$19.99Ages Pre-K – 4
MATH MAGIC$14.99Ages 8 – 11+
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