What Are the Best Types of Playground Surfaces in Houston, TX?

What's Your Favorite Houston Playground Surface?

Whether you prefer a quiet park tucked into a neighborhood, the climbing gym at your child’s school or one of the six inclusive playgrounds under the Houston Parks and Recreation Department, you can likely list plenty of attributes that put it at the top of your list.

When ranking your favorites, you likely take playground surfaces into consideration. Parents, teachers and family members alike know what’s on the bottom of the swings and slides can make a major difference.

Today, we’re comparing some of the most common types of surfaces available in our city and explaining why our Jelly Bean Rubber Mulch outpaces them all.

Ready to learn more? Let’s dive in!

Houston Playground Surfaces Compared

Not every playground in Houston is created alike. Their surfaces set them apart, elevating some above the rest and playing a direct role in how comfortable, safe and enjoyable the experience is.

Here are a few examples of the types of playground surface material you’ll find around the city.

Synthetic Play Turf

Play Turf is designed to bring the look of real grass into a playground with only a fraction of the upkeep. Most models feature water migration capabilities, so children can use the playground even right after heavy rain.

Poured Rubber Surfacing

Rubber surfacing consists of recycled materials installed in thickness from 1.5 inches to 4.5 inches. Its surface layer comes in a variety of colors while the impact layer provides impact absorption.

It’s often poured in place with myriad finishes and color options available. What’s underneath the PIP surface matters, as DC residents recently discovered.

Shredded Rubber Surfacing

Similar to poured rubber surfacing, shredded rubber surfacing consists of clean, shredded recycled rubber. The ADA-accessible alternative to traditional playground surfacing, it’s available in non-toxic colors.

Bonded Rubber

This playground material centers on shredded, recycled rubber tire material. The shreds are coated and mixed with polyurethane binding to create a seamless surface with a high impact absorption capability.

Engineered Wood Fiber

This surface includes a layer of engineered wood fiber on top of wear mats, which are designed to provide maximum impact absorption. It requires periodic maintenance and extra layers of fiber to maintain the required depth.

Houston Non-Toxic Playground Safety Surface Is Here

Looking for a non-toxic playground surface that’s as comfortable and safe as it is aesthetically pleasing?

That’s where our Jelly Bean playground rubber mulch comes in.

What makes it so special? It’s the only 100% non-tire playground rubber mulch, specially formatted from non-toxic, sterile and latex-free rubber tiles. It even exceeds California’s indoor air quality guidelines!

A few of its notable characteristics include:

ADA accessibility
No wire equals no safety hazard
Longer lasting than competitors
Surpasses tests for indoor air quality and toxicity
Because it’s not made from shredded tires, Jelly Bean rubber mulch is cleaner, neater and longer-lasting than other competitor products, making it perfect for schools and daycares.

In addition, it meets the following five industry safety certifications:

ASTM F1487-17
ASTM F1292-18
ASTM F2075-15
ASTM F3012-14
CAN/CSA Z-614-14

While it might carry a higher initial cost than its peer products, you’ll notice that the return is worth the investment and convenience.

Playground Surfaces Made Simple

You want children to have a safe place to play. However, playground surfaces can make the difference between a day of smiles and one of disappointment.

When you’re looking for the safest, most comfortable and highest-quality surface around, Jelly Bean rubber mulch fits the bill. Get in touch with us today to learn more about the product and how it can transform playtime!

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