2021 Guide to Technology STEM Kits For Elementary Classrooms Featuring 18 Products

When it comes to STEM in the elementary school classroom there can be a lot of different activities focused on a variety of disciplines.

It is important to dial in to the specific skill you want to teach students in order to find the best product possible for your needs.

STEM tech kits are increasingly popular in the classroom, and we have built a sample list for you to get started on your journey to discover the best one possible.

Find 18 technology STEM kits specifically for the elementary school classroom listed below. We’ve estimated the prices at the time of publication, and thus they may change, include local taxes or delivery fees, etc. 

Available here for $10,500. Talk about an investment in our future!

Get the kit for $9,500 here or for the iPad here.

Get the LittleBits kit with wall storage for $5,300 here.

Get the LittleBits Pro Library without wall storage for $5,o00 here.

Get the ROBOTIS DREAM II – School Set Bundle Package for$4,030 here.

Get the Roamer Elementary School Pack for $3,185 here.

Pick up the LEGO® Education WeDo 2.0 Camp Bundle With STEMfinity for $3,180 here.

Grab the Cubelets CLASS: Hands-On Computer Science Curriculum Deluxe for $2,999 here.

Get the Ready, Set, Drone! Camp – Second Edition for $2,995 here.

Purchase the LittleBits STEAM Education Class Pack – 30 Students for $2,900 here.

Cubelets CLASS: Hands-On Computer Science Curriculum Deluxe is available to purchase for $3,000 here.

Get ROBOTIS PLAY 700 + SCRATCH Bundle Package for $2,530.76 here.

Pick up the Discover Digital Video Lab – Elementary for $2,600 here.

Get the Sphero BOLT 15 Pack for $2,025 here.

School Beats STEAM, Grades K-2 is now available. Get it here for $2,000.

Pick up the School Beats STEAM, Grades 3-5 for $2,000 here.

Buy Discover STEM Lab, Grades 5-6 – LE Bluetooth (IPad Only) for $2,000 here.

Grab Discover STEM Lab, Grades 5-6 – Classic Bluetooth for $2,000 here.

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