Introducing a Better Swing Mat

Sustainable, recycled, non-toxic, medical-grade virgin rubber playground mat manufactured in the USA.

The Sustainable Non-Toxic
Choice in Playground Safety

Perfectly Sized at 3x4 Feet

Where feet meet the ground on swings and slides is where degradation occurs. Our mats are optimally sized at 3×4 feet to cover this high-traffic area, and keep the surface safe for play.

Thoughtfully Constructed

With a perforated ground-side backing, the Jelly Bean Mat is built to stay put under the most adventurous of feet.

Heavy Duty at 97 Lbs

Weight matters when it comes to swing and slide mats staying put. At a whopping 97 lbs, our mat is built to stay in place for the long haul.

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Five Pack of Jelly Bean Mats

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Get five of our durable, sustainable, non-toxic playground mats.

  • Non-Toxic Recycled Virgin Rubber
  • Made in America
  • Perfectly Sized at 3×4 Feet
  • 97 Lbs

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Learn more about what sets Jelly Bean Rubber Mat apart from the competition. Need rubber mulch as well? Visit our main page to learn more about our signature non-toxic playground surfacing. 

A Commitment to a Cleaner Tomorrow

At Jelly Bean Rubber Mulch we are fully bought in to a sustainable future for our planet. We develop recycled virgin rubber non-toxic playground surfaces that exceed top fall safety specs around the country.