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On Playground Safety Surfacing

The internet is seemingly full of information on everything you might ever wonder about on nearly any given subject. A trivia game can easily be ruined by a quick Google search. 

Yet, for all that info available online, there is seemingly a lack of educational resources when it comes to playground safety
JB U is here to help you learn about our non-toxic wire-free playground rubber mulch, as well as all other aspects of playground safety. Topics covered include play surface installation, maintenance, getting up to code and upkeep. 
Not sure what to make of ADA or ASTM standards? Ever wonder what attenuation means? Or how toxins are measured on the playground? You’re in the right place. Scroll below for a full list of resources. 

Guide to Playground Depth

Learn the appropriate fall safety regulations to ensure your school, park, church, HOA, or daycare playground is fully compliant.

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Guide to Certified Rubber Mulch

What is certified rubber mulch and why does it matter? Discover the answer to see if it is something your org needs concern itself with today.

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All About Our Industry Best Warranty

Learn why Jelly Bean offers such a strong warranty on safety surfacing for playgrounds, and what it covers specifically.

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The Guide to Buying Rubber Mulch Direct

Considering buying playground rubber mulch from a third party? Check this out first.

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what is playground rubber flooring

Need to know the different kinds of playground rubber flooring? Discover them in this article.

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all about rubber mulch

There's a lot that goes into rubber mulch from tires to non-toxic virgin rubber. Learn more by reading this article.

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The scoop on playground mulch

Did you know there are specific types of mulch maybe exclusively for the playground? Discover the how and why today.

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Inside jane's search for non-toxic playground safety surfacing

Take a peek inside a typical customer journey, and the challenges it often presents to parents and administrators alike.

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jelly bean commercial

Want a quick look at what makes Jelly Bean so special? Our commercial is a great opportunity to do just that.

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Interested in Jelly Bean, but unsure your current budget allotment will cover the expense? Learn about financing here.

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Horses love Jelly Bean too. In fact we have developed a proprietary footing just for our equestrian clients.

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is there toxic lead in your child's playground mulch?

One of the stories we have been following closely these past few years, the discovery of lead at the playground.

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bulk rubber mulch

Did you know we specialize in logistics? We can deliver bulk rubber mulch in large amounts from one to many truckloads.

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about playground rubber mulch

Learn why playground rubber mulch is such a popular choice among schools today.

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rubber tire mulch removal

Looking to remove rubber tire mulch? We'll help you do it.

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playground rubber mulch installation

One of the most pressing questions we receive is how do you install playground rubber mulch? Here's a detailed look at the topic.

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