NON-Tire Playground Rubber Mulch

Discover Why Non-Tire Playground Rubber Mulch Is The Safest Option For Your Home or Commercial Playground


Before you purchase playground safety surfacing you should definitely be aware of this information

Playground Rubber Mulch

The only 100% non-tire playground rubber mulch available Manufactured from non-toxic, sterile and latex-free rubber tiles originally produced for schools. Can be used indoors, no harmful VOC’s, exceeds California guidelines for indoor air quality.


No wire means no safety hazards.


Rubber is vulcanized for a long-lasting product. Durable and long-lasting, this product outlasts the competition and remains in compliance. Clean and easy, no paint present, so color does not leach; the fun color mix is the natural color of the rubber


The safest playground rubber mulch product on the market, best test data in the industry, including head impact attenuation, ADA Approved


Installation can be done by any landscaping or volunteer crew, Maintenance is easy, drainage is excellent


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The Jelly Bean rubber mulch looks really good and the kids really like it. Thanks again for the excellent service and product.


Casey Jones

I ordered some of the Jellybean mulch for our center in Fort Collins, Colorado. Several other centers in the area have also ordered it since. All of the parents at our location love the mulch.

Karen Mikulewicz

Great stuff! Seller followed up all the way thru delivery

Lloyd V.

We did one playground as a test then did others after we saw how well it worked.


The mulch has worked out great. I should have ordered a little more, at some point in the future I will order another 5 or 6 pallets to increase the depth of what we have. Great product!


Why Consider Jelly Bean?

Wood chips and sand are cheaper, yet they must be constantly replaced. The Jelly Bean’s playground rubber mulch long outlasts these cheaper alternatives while paying for itself within a few years.

The Jelly Bean playground rubber mulch is the best product for outdoor surfaces as it is much cleaner and safer than recycled tire mulch. It is more affordable than poured rubber, rubber tiles and synthetic turf and carries a longer lifespan. The Jelly Bean rubber mulch will save you money over natural mulch in the long run. It does not have to be replaced regularly to maintain compliance, will not rot, clog drains, cause allergies, or attract insects.

The Jelly Bean rubber mulch is a true 100 percent wire free non-tire rubber mulch. This material is recycled pre-consumer virgin rubber that comes from playground safety tiles. When the tiles are cut, some scrap is produced and we chop it uniformly to make the play mix. Another advantage of this material is that since the color is the actual color of the rubber and not painted on, you will never have to worry about paint coming off on the kids like with all other rubber mulch. The material is sterile, latex free, 100 percent free of contaminants and does not hold heat.

The product meets all state and federal requirements for playground safety. Our playground rubber mulch has been tested to meet or exceed all ASTM guidelines for head impact attenuation and ADA accessibility. The product carries a 20 year warranty, but since the material is vulcanized it will most likely be around much longer.


How thick do I need to have the Jelly Bean Rubber Mulch on my playground?

The Jelly Bean Rubber Mulch is tested to ASTM F1292-09 which is the standard for critical fall height for head injuries . At 6 inches of compacted depth the Jelly Bean Rubber Mulch exceeds the test parameters which are 17ft. Certain state regulations may require licensed childcare facilities to have a certain depth. Contact us to help determine the correct amount needed.

For most backyard sets a 3-4 inch depth is adequate.

How is the Jelly Bean Rubber Mulch packaged?

The Jelly Bean Rubber Mulch is sold in 1 ton increments. Each ton is packed in a sack that is banded to a standard pallet.

What does 1 ton cover?
  • 1 ton is 2.26 cubic yards compacted
  • 1 ton will cover:
  • 3 inches- 222 square feet
  • 4 inches- 167 square feet
  • 5 inches- 133 square feet
  • 6 inches- 111 square feet
  • Note: These figures are for a compacted depth.
Do you sell in stores or through distributors?

We only sell the Jelly Bean Rubber Mulch factory-direct, which puts you in direct contact with the manufacturer (Hey, that’s Us!) and eliminates the markups of distributors and retailers.

What is the Jelly Bean Rubber Mulch made of?

The Jelly Bean Rubber Mulch is made from the scraps and cutoffs from manufacturing a rubber tile. When the tile is stamped we take the excess and run into a chipper to make the Jelly Bean Rubber Mulch. The material is pre consumer virgin rubber. Its latex free and sterile.

How do we know it is safe?

The tiles are made for use in schools, daycares, hospitals and more. They meet strict guidelines for indoor air quality in the state of California and do not emit harmful VOC’s. This inert rubber is high on the durometer scale and will not leach.

What color is it?

The color is how the product gets its name, Jelly Bean. The Jelly Bean Rubber Mulch is a mixture of many different colors. Over 60 percent of the tiles we recycle are in the grey family so from a distance the material appears to look like gravel on a playground. To get an idea of the color take a look at the photos on this page and order a sample below.

This is one of the biggest advantages of the Jelly Bean Rubber Mulch is the fact that unlike tire mulch the material does not have a coating. Ask anyone who has had tire mulch for an extended period of time and they will tell you about how the color eventually comes off on the kids. Even the best coatings are only warrantied for 15 years against total color loss.

Does The Jelly Bean Rubber Mulch meet ADA requirements?

You bet! The Jelly Bean Rubber Mulch meets F1951-99 to satisfy accessibility guidelines.

Does the material mold or mildew, what maintenance is required?

Mold, Mildew… not at all! The tile we are recycling has an anti-microbial and anti-fungal baked in so its perfect for humid climates. The only maintenance is occasional raking as needed in high traffic spots. The Jelly bean Rubber Mulch tends to stay put better than tire rubber mulch due to its piece size.

What is the life span of the material?

Unlike wood mulch that rots and has to constantly be replaced the Jelly bean Rubber Mulch does not degrade. The material is warrantied for 20 years against degradation. While the cost is more upfront you’ll sleep well knowing the safety surface your responsible for is always in compliance and will cost less over time.

Does it get hot?

The Jelly Bean Rubber Mulch stays cool and does not trap heat.

Is it a choking hazard?

Unlike hot dogs and grapes the Jelly Bean rubber mulch pieces are flat, while its unlikely that a child would choke on the material parental supervision is required.

How does delivery made?

Via Freight Truck. The delivering company will call to set an appointment for delivery. Talk to your sales rep for more details

Do you sell borders, mats, etc?

Yes contact us for details

Where can I see it?

We encourage you to order a sample before ordering. Push here to get a free sample: just pay for shipping!

Do you offer leasing/financing?

Yes please inquire about options with your sales representative.

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