Joseph ConwayJoseph Conway
17:09 26 Apr 24
Jelly Bean Rubber Mulch is the best solution for a safe playground. It is soft and environmentally safe for children. It looks beautiful and gives peace of mind with active children playing. We love it!!
Tom FritzTom Fritz
18:45 25 Apr 24
We built our backyard playset a couple of years ago, and our mulch has held up great and kept our kids safe!
Kristyn KleinKristyn Klein
14:29 25 Apr 24
The best mulch! I have had it for years and recently bought more to expand a play area. It holds up well, is safer than other rubber mulch, and it looks beautiful. Looks almost like river rocks from afar. Really pretty!
Ray WomackRay Womack
13:29 25 Apr 24
We used Jelly Bean Rubber Mulch on our church playground and it has been great. It doesn't get hot like recycled tires and is very clean.
Brent HBrent H
15:42 27 May 21
The Jelly bean mulch arrived within 2 weeks of ordering and I quickly got to work spreading it. I ordered 3 tons after much research into the type of material I should use (wood chips, sand, pea gravel, painted tire chips). The kids love the material and are more adventurous with different areas of the play set that they were more reserved on.It does have a rubber smell that isn’t bad, but certainly noticeable on certain days. It does occasionally leave the playground area, but there have been no issues with the lawn mower. Would definitely recommend this product to those looking to get a safe alternative for their playground.
Danielle LeschDanielle Lesch
14:16 09 Jul 20
The process was simple to determine the amount needed and place the order through the website. The order arrived within a week of me placing the order (we ordered two tons). It arrived as described in two large white bags on crates. Then began the task of spreading it over our playground surface. It is heavy and thankfully it spreads well once you get it down. We cut a hole midway down in the side of the bag and scooped it into a wheelbarrow. Once we were at half a bag we cut the top of the bag off and scooped it out from there.Overall it looks and feels great. It looks like gravel from a distance. Up close you can see it's different sizes and colors of rubber mulch. At first it smells like rubber and after it's spread and out for a week orso the smell pretty much went away. Our kids like it better then regular mulch, they say it feels better if they fall or get some in their shoes etc.. We highly recommend Jelly Beans rubber mulch. We are happy with our purchase.
Jake HartleyJake Hartley
14:07 09 May 24
Delivery was great, product is great. We’ve had this mulch down for 4 years and it still looks good as new. Easy to blow pine straw out of it and rinse it down when pollen builds up. Both my kids have no issues with it and it has helped prevent serious injuries. 5 stars
Travis WetmoreTravis Wetmore
12:11 09 May 24
We have had jelly bean rubber mulch on our kids playground for 3 years now. It has not become brittle, weighs enough to not be blown in the strong wind gusts we have had recently, and provides enough support for when our children fall. While it is on the expensive side, I have used rubber mulch from other vendors for landscaping and every 2 or 3 40lb bags I can find some steel wire left over from the tire that the mulch was cut from. To know this isn't in my kids playground is worth the small premium.
Ben PitchfordBen Pitchford
16:29 10 Apr 24
We love our Jelly Bean Mulch! We've had it for (4) years now, and it still looks like new.
Steph LSteph L
17:10 09 Apr 24
We love our Jelly Bean Mulch!! It's amazing. It adds so much padding to our playground/swing set in our backyard.
Kyle BrockeKyle Brocke
15:25 09 Apr 24
Excellent product and great service. They work with me to find the best option for delivery that was available to me