5 Reasons Why Customers Love Jelly Bean


Why do people love Jelly Bean Rubber Mulch so much? We’ve complied five top reasons that we hear over and over again from customers satisfied with our product.


When deciding to buy rubber mulch play safety surfacing the first option often are chopped up tires. Anyone that’s had experience with rubber tire mulch knows the hazards of it – toxic, smelly, potential steel wires, leaching of paint, and so on. So they then search for a non-toxic rubber mulch and find us. 

We are 100% lead and phthalate free. We are also free of red list chemicals and any foreign materials like steel wire. We are even certified for California’s stringent indoor air standards.


It is worth repeating that Jelly Bean Rubber Mulch is free of tires. 

Our product is made from the excess scraps of safety tiles that are made of virgin rubber.

Kids Love It

Once kids get a chance to try Jelly Bean, they instantly love it. The colorful nature of it, the softness under foot, and yet the product remains firm enough for children to run, tumble, and have fun without fear of injury.


With a an industry best 20 year degradation warranty, we stand behind our product. 

Unlike wood mulch that needs replacing often, Jelly Bean lasts for many years. This adds to the value of the product over time, since you won’t need to replace it even after many years. A simple topping off on occasion will do the trick for most schools, parks and daycares.


The Jelly Bean Rubber Mulch product is 100% compliant with ASTM standards, offers maximum fall safety rating, and is used successfully by parks, schools, daycares, HOA’s, head start programs and churches across the country. 

Jelly Bean

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