The Very Best Playground Safety Surface

Jelly Bean Rubber Mulch

Non-toxic virgin rubber mulch that parents, schools, daycares, churches, and parks trust to protect their loved ones.

The Core Features of Jelly Bean Rubber Mulch

A Cut Above The Rest



Jelly Bean is 100% virgin rubber sustainably sourced from safety tiles and is third party tested for, phthalates, red list chemicals and other potentially toxic substances. It’s so safe the product passes indoor air certification.



Forget replacing the product every year like wood mulch. Jelly Bean is built to last decades. 


Highest Fall Safety Rating

We have a ASTM fall safety rating that is best-in-class. So when your kids stumble Jelly Bean is there to catch them.

Playground Rubber Mulch
You Might Be Wondering

Why Choose Jelly Bean?

Wood chips and sand are cheaper, yet they must be constantly replaced. Jelly Bean playground rubber mulch long outlasts these cheaper alternatives while paying for itself within a few years.

The Jelly Bean playground rubber mulch is the best product for outdoor surfaces as it is much cleaner and safer than recycled tire mulch. It is more affordable than poured rubber, rubber tiles and synthetic turf, and carries a longer lifespan. The Jelly Bean rubber mulch will save you money over natural mulch in the long run. It does not have to be replaced regularly to maintain compliance, will not rot, clog drains, cause allergies, or attract insects.

The product meets all state and federal requirements for playground safety. Our playground rubber mulch has been tested to meet or exceed all ASTM guidelines for head impact attenuation and ADA accessibility. The product carries a 20 year warranty, but since the material is vulcanized it will most likely be around much longer.

Experts in Safety Surfacing

The Jelly Bean Difference

Safe for Schools

You can find Jelly Bean across the nation at top schools meeting and exceeding all safety requirements.

ADA Accessible

We offer a ADA accessible surface to ensure your playground is compliant from day one.

20 Year Warranty

No other product in the industry offers such a warranty on degradation.

Some of Our

Recent Projects

We’re proud to celebrate over 13 years of working with municipalities, schools, churches, and HOA groups to ensure top level non-toxic safety play surfacing for all kids to enjoy.