Where to Buy Rubber Mulch for a Playground in Large Amounts

Advantages of Buying Bulk Rubber Mulch Direct

The question of where to buy rubber mulch for a playground in large amounts comes up often when a school, church, public park, head start program, or daycare begin their search for playground rubber mulch.

We’ll cut to the chase and tell you exactly where to buy rubber mulch for a playground in large amounts, but first let’s look at what playground rubber mulch is actually made of.


Playground rubber mulch is typically shredded recycled rubber. There are two types of playground rubber mulch.

Potentially toxic used tires is one. These are chopped up old dirty tires from who knows where that’s been recycled into playground surface.

What gives this surface its shine is a coat of paint, though the paint, and the tire mulch itself, typically will leach off.

There are hazards galore with this type of surface, from steel wires to potential red list chemicals and carcinogens in rubber playground tire mulch.

You might remember NBC News reporting on the potential dangers of crumb rubber, this is very similar in composition, in that it’s made up of used tires.

Non-toxic Jelly Bean rubber mulch on the other hand is made up of 100% virgin, non-tire rubber that is extracted from safety tiles meant for indoor use. These tiles are made of surgical-grade rubber, and 100% safe for kids to play on.

There are no steel wires in Jelly Bean, no paint leaching, no road residue, etc. Just soft fun surfacing for kids to tumble on with a best-in-class fall safety rating.

Jelly Bean has been so popular that oftentimes organizations that need to have rubber tire mulch replaced do so with Jelly Bean.


Now, to the question at hand, where to buy rubber mulch for playgrounds in large amounts? Typically the answer is direct from the manufacturer. While there are some exceptions to this rule, like ordering from an equipment distributor, here at Jelly Bean we sell directly to the end user.

Advantages of Going Direct 

As you can imagine when you think about where to buy rubber mulch for a playground in large amounts it can be difficult to figure out the benefits of going direct vs with a distributor of some type.

When you go direct you are dealing with the experts in playground rubber mulch. This means you will be ensured of having an expert quote from a dedicated sales rep that is exactly to the specs you need it to be.

School that needs to meet department of education requirements? No problem. Park that needs to meet city, state or federal requirements? Been there done that. We can assist in all the applications you can think of when it comes to playground rubber mulch, including commonly asked questions like what is the proper playground mulch depth or do we need borders with this playground surface.

Not only do you get expertise when the order comes in direct, but you also achieve the best price for your needs, PO options, and even financing for those that want to spread the payments out over a few years.

How The Process Works


When you decide where to buy rubber mulch for your playground in large amounts, the next step is to get a quote. We typically have clients fill out a quote form, though they may call us if they need clarity on anything.


Once the quote form is filled out an email goes out sharing all the cost details regarding the order.


After sending in a purchase order or paying with a credit card or bank wire, we dispatch your order for processing and shipment.


We handle all the shipping to your doorstep, and can supply accessories if needed.

It’s really as simple as 1,2,3,4.

Hopefully this addressed all your concerns regarding where to buy rubber mulch for the playground in large amounts. Call or fill out our online quote form today for playground rubber mulch.

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