Five Cool Inclusive Playgrounds Around The U.S

Inclusive playgrounds are becoming more popular for a lot of good reasons. The playground safety level is as good, if not better on a lot of these newer playgrounds. Here we briefly highlight five worth checking out. 

Oakledge - Burlington, VT

Never go down the slide alone again, as this playground features a family-friendly slide wide enough for the whole crew! 

The park also happens to be Vermont’s first fully inclusive playground, offering ramps, and attractions for all ages and abilities.

Boundless Park - Rochester, MN

Ever seen a slide big enough for a wheelchair to slide down? You will at Boundless Park.

The Beaver House is an attraction all kids will love to set their sights on as well.

Built from the ground up as an inclusive park, visitors will find handicap-accessible swings, slides, and many other fun play structures.

The park features a Brava Universal Swing, allowing all to experience the feeling of swinging.

Colorful, cartoonish animal features, and giant mushrooms – what else can a child ask for? Brendan’s playground is full of fun inclusive play features, including a large swing, roller slide, and musical instruments.

Going on a hot day? Cool off at the adjacent splash pad.

With ramps galore, adaptive flooring, and accessibility for powerchairs, wheelchairs, and those on crutches, the playground is the first of its kind in Tulsa.

Looking for a thrill? Check out the wheelchair-accessible aero glider, which rocks in a motion similar to those on a swing.