Growing with Jelly Bean in 2024

Swing and Slide Mats + New Rubber Supply

From new best-in-class swing mats, to growing stock levels, to exciting new projects, we’ve been super busy and are excited as ever to share with you.

Jelly Bean Mat, The Antidote For High Impact Play Areas

Take a look at the area under swings and slides at any playground around the country, and you’ll see signs of use and often degradation of the play surface. Often, such swing and slide use results in rutted-out divots that can prove harmful to children if not addressed properly. 


Enter the Jelly Bean Rubber Mat, a 100% non-toxic sustainable swing mat made from recycled virgin rubber. 


Our new swing mat is as durable as they come at a whopping 97lbs. The weight of the mat creates a natural anchor to keep it firm in these high-traffic areas of the playground.

New Inventory Producing Faster Turnaround Times

We are excited to announce new partnerships nationwide with our rubber manufacturers that have enabled us to produce more product faster. 

While lead times will vary throughout this busy season, we do expect overall time to ship and deliver to improve with these advances in inventory levels. 

Today is a great time to check in with John and see what type of playground mulch you might need this year for your playground.