Best-In-Class Warranty Covers Against Degradation on Pre-Consumer Virgin Non-Toxic Rubber Mulch Safety Surface

Houston, TX March 8, 2018 – Jelly Bean Rubber Mulch announces 20-year warranty guarding against degradation of the product. Jelly Bean CEO and Founder Nic Campesi spoke at length about the warranty in a recent YouTube video, detailing how the safety play surface maker came up with the warranty, why it is relevant today, and how it differs from other play surface offerings like rubber tire mulch.

“We’re excited to offer a warranty that more than likely our clients will never need. In fact, to date, we haven’t had a single one called in. Our pre-consumer virgin non-toxic rubber safety play surface is as long lasting as it is safe for falls. That said, we wanted to offer protection for those investing in a safety play surface like Jelly Bean that reassures the buyer that we believe in our product enough to offer a whopping 20 years of protection against degradation,” explains Campesi.

Products like rubber tire mulch and other alternative play surfaces offer warranties that only cover paint leaching over a given period of time. Those that do cover against degradation do so sparingly compared to the new Jelly Bean 20-year warranty.

“We have a long lasting vulcanized product, and since it’s pre-consumer we know how it is made, and thus we are very comfortable in offering such a warranty. With our new financing initiative coming online we feel like this is the perfect one-two punch in terms of added value for our clients investing in a safety play surface,” notes Jelly Bean CEO Nic Campesi.

Jelly Bean Rubber Mulch is the only play surface to date to offer 20 years protection against degradation of a pre-consumer virgin rubber product. Watch the full interview with Jelly Bean Founder and CEO discussing the warranty on YouTube.

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About Jelly Bean Rubber Mulch

Playground surface Jelly Bean is a 100 percent wire-free pre-consumer virgin rubber mulch product. The material is sterile, latex free, and contains no such carcinogens or harmful VOC’s as tire mulch could. Jelly Bean is so safe it’s in compliance with California’s indoor air quality standards. The product is odorless,100 percent free of contaminants and does not hold any additional heat. Jelly Bean offers an industry-best playground fall safety rating exceeding CPSC guidelines for fall safety, and surpassing traditional playground coverings by hundreds of percentage points. All these reasons show why parks and schools nationwide choose Jelly Bean Rubber Mulch for their play surfaces.

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