Jelly Bean Publishes Article Highlighting Potential Dangers of Rubber Tire Mulch as a Playground Surface

Underscores Need to Analyze Toxicity, Paint Life, Steel Wire Consistency, and Long Term Cost

Houston, TX February 16, 2018 – Jelly Bean CEO and Founder Nic Campesi published a detailed article this week on the hazards of using rubber tire mulch as a playground surface.

The article details four potential hazards of using rubber tire mulch as a playground surface – Toxicity and Road Residue, Paint, Steel Wire, and Cost.

“There didn’t seem to be a lot of information on common issues I’ve seen with rubber tire mulch as a playground surface. So it made sense to put pen to paper here and outline them for administrators, business managers, and of course parents to review as part of their procurement process in sourcing safety playground surfacing,” explains Campesi.

With recent rubber tire mulch removal campaigns across the country from Durham, NC to Minneapolis, MN, public interest in exactly what the product is comprised of has grown substantially.

“I’ve filled a good bit of orders from schools looking to replace rubber tire mulch at the three-to-four year mark after having issues with keeping the paint on, and everything that comes after that paint goes off, like potential contact with toxins, paint leaching, steel wire exposure, and so forth,” notes Jelly Bean CEO Nic Campesi.

The EPA is still in the process of conducting a comprehensive study on using tire rubber as a play surface, and there are no conclusive studies to show the product to be toxic. Yet with elevated concern among parents and administrators, the company felt it was time to publish an objective review of the product compared to others in the market.

Read the full article on Medium.

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