Rubber Playground Mulch Customer Saint Mary Magdalen School Q&A

School Principal Shares Experience with Jelly Bean

Mr. Patrick Tiernan, Principal of Wilmington, Delaware St. Mary Magdalen School took some time out of his busy schedule to answer questions about Jelly Bean playground mulch

The school in partnership with parents, parish, and community, seeks to nurture, develop, and educate the whole child by faithfully carrying out the example of Christ through education, service, and worship.

1 How did you find out about Jelly Bean Rubber Mulch?

Initially looking online for rubber mulch replacement for our school playground and found Jelly Bean Mulch kept coming up as an alternative.

2 How was the ordering and delivery process for you?

Amazingly smooth. We had some difficulty initially with the equipment needed on our end to move the pallets but that was on us.

3 Where is the playground located?

A PK-8 Catholic grade school in Wilmington, DE

4 Was it fairly easy to install?

Yes. We simply followed the recommendation to stake weed fabric over the existing mulch and had several volunteers help break down the bags and spread it over the playground.

5 How do the kids like Jelly Bean Rubber Mulch?

They love it! “It’s like walking on clouds,” one student told me. Beyond safety, it has actually become part of the fun of being on the playground.

6 Any feedback from parents?

All positive. One parent in particular asked me during a school event whose idea it was to have the new mulch installed. After telling him it was me he thanked me profusely because his son fell from the highest play apparatus landing face first into the mulch safely. He simply got up and kept playing! That anecdote alone made the investment worth it!

7 What’s your thoughts about Jelly Bean Rubber Mulch now that it’s on the playground?

Couldn’t be happier, really. I think many people were wondering why this product and why now given I had just come into my current role last summer but it has come to symbolize our commitment to safety and care of our student body as well as being better stewards of our environment. The playground and our gym are the two spaces that receive the most use so it only made sense to invest the very best into a space that everyone uses and enjoys including those in our local neighborhood.

8 Anything else you want to share with people thinking about Jelly Bean Rubber Mulch?

Don’t hesitate. The investment literally and figuratively pays for itself and you simply won’t regret the decision. Aside from a great marketing tool, it represents a commitment to children safety and improved quality of play.

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