Playground Rubber Mulch

Non-toxic non-tire playground rubber mulch can be a superior safety play surface choice.

A playground is supposed to be a safe place for children to have fun. When young kids inevitably fall off of equipment, the ground beneath them needs to be padded for protection. Do you ever take time to look at what they’re falling on? Playground rubber mulch or wood chips or pea gravel? It makes a difference.

A Safe Place to Play 

Children love to jump from high swings, go head first down slides, and fall off rock walls. That’s why purchasing the right safety play surface is so much more important than just price. 

If you were to look at most playgrounds in your area, chances are you’d see a lot of rubber mulch. This covering is used the most on play places, and it’s no surprise. Rubber is so prevalent because the price is very reasonable. However, your everyday playground rubber mulch is so cheap because it’s made from recycled tires. Here’s the latest from the EPA on crumb rubber on playing fields. 

Dirty Tires as Playground Rubber Mulch

Tires contain chemicals such as latex (allergen), VOC’s (key components of smog and ozone), and MBT (skin irritant). Unsafe levels of lead have also been found in playground rubber mulch, not to mention leftover pieces of wire. Luckily, it’s possible enjoy all of the benefits without the toxic chemicals. 

A Safe Solution

Jelly Bean rubber mulch is made from shredded pieces of 100% non-tire, wire-free, lead-free, non-toxic safety tiles. These are special made for use in hospitals and daycares. Not only that, but the company performs quality control tests on all tiles before processing. There are no surprises.

Since Jelly Bean is still rubber, it works extremely well at breaking falls. It has the best test data in the playground safety surfacing industry as well as 5 certifications. This includes the ASTM standards for decreasing head impact. It’s also met accessibility standards set forth by the Americans for Disability Act (ADA).  

What’s The Cost of a Clean, Non-Toxic Rubber Playground Mulch? 

Although the initial cost is higher than shredded tires from other manufacturers, it evens out in the long run. Jelly Bean warranties all playground cover for 20 years. Due to the vulcanization process, it’s very likely the weather resistant, hard, and resilient mulch will last longer. Not to mention you will have peace of mind knowing the young ones in your care are safe! 

When you purchase your playground rubber mulch from Jelly Bean, you are receiving the ideal combination of value and safety.

Installation and Financing of Backyard Safety Surface 

Don’t feel comfortable installing your own playground rubber mulch? Jelly Bean walks you through installation. Don’t know what else you need to create a play place? Jelly Bean offers boarders, mats, and other accessories to help you get started. Aren’t sure you can afford all you need to complete your backyard? We offer financing

If there’s anything else we can help you with, don’t hesitate to reach out. Humans are available to assist you 24/7 with all of your questions and needs.

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