Customer Feedback – City of Coloma, Michigan

Now Mayor, Marsha Hammond, shares her insights on Jelly Bean for a big playground renovation project

We wanted to share some of the feedback from one of our recent customers, the City of Coloma, Michigan. We were thrilled to be a part of the revitalization of their downtown play areas.

Here’s a quick interview with Marsha Hammond, the DDA Project Coordinator, and now Mayor, for the City of Coloma, Michigan.

How did you find out about Jelly Bean Rubber Mulch?

The City of Coloma’s Downtown Development Authority took on a major renovation of our Randall Park which has a large wooden play area. As Project Coordinator, I started researching playground mulch on the internet. Finding so many articles on the toxicity of wooden mulch and all the concerns about rubber mulch from old tires, when I saw the Jelly Bean Rubber Mulch website I started reading.

Have to admit the colorful Jelly Bean name drew me in. The more I read the more interested I became. You could order a sample of the mulch, so I did. While I was still reading the information John Pell from Jelly Bean called me to say ”I see you ordered a sample of our mulch.” I was very impressed with the fast response and how nice and helpful he was.

How was the ordering and delivery process for you?

They could not have been more helpful. They understood the “process” that goes with working with a municipality. The delivery was more painless than I thought. We were kept informed by Jelly Bean and the trucking company. The truck drivers themselves called the day of delivery to confirm a time.

Where is the playground located?

Randall Park is located on the main street leading into the City. It is a large park with the wood structure play area and a green space in front with walking paths and landscaping.

Was it fairly easy to install?

It was fairly easy. Our play area is pretty large with a lot of structures so it took two days, with a crew of 15 people. We had a small tractor, a small Bobcat and a big Cat. Putting the landscape fabric down (before the rubber) was probably the worst part. The bags of mulch weigh around 2000 pounds – so you need a good-sized piece of equipment to lift them.

How do kids like the Jelly Bean Rubber Mulch?

Kids love the Jelly Bean mulch. They love the colors—it is not hot to step on in the summer. It is easy to walk and run on. I was surprised how solid it feels underfoot. We actually saw one mother taking pictures of the mulch with her cell phone.

Any feedback from parents?

Yes—all positive! They love how clean it is and the colors.

What are your thoughts about Jelly Bean Rubber Mulch now that it’s on the playground?

We are impressed! It brightens up the whole park. It is hard to explain to people—it is so attractive, safe and clean. After going through the first summer it still honestly looks like when we first put it down.

Anything else you want to share with people thinking about Jelly Bean Rubber Mulch?

Do it—you won’t regret it! Don’t let price scare you. It appears to be more of an investment. But an investment well worth it. When you really consider the longevity of Jelly Bean Rubber Mulch as opposed to the alternatives and how often you have to redo them it is worth it.

When you consider the safety and cleanliness of Jelly Bean Rubber Mulch there is no comparison. It is the right choice and one you will feel good about making. We had one mother tell us her son (previously) could not play at Randall Park because of his allergies—this year he played with his friends with no problem. Enough said!!

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